The Bad Luck God and The Hallucination Girl


The Bad Luck God and The Hallucination Girl




“Haha, too bad alarm. You’re failed wake me up today. I’ve woken an hour before you.”

Looked a boy who’s speaking with an alarm clock in the early morning.

Actually, that boy is me. Yes, Kazama Haruto. Today is my first day in highschool. Well, that means I’m no longer a kid right?


“I’m going!”

It’s cold today because it’s spring, no wonder if it’s still cold.

I imagine anything that I’d find in my life as a highschooler. New friends, new teacher, new place, new club and many  other things.

My school isn’t really far from my house. It just took about 20 minutes by foot. That’s why I choose walk than use a bicycle. It’s more healthy right? Hahaha…


Near the school,

“Nyaaaa, nyaaaaa”

“Kyaaaaah, Neko-chan so cuuuuuute”

 I saw a girl playing with cat near the gate. Other people saw her too but looks like she’s not even care.


Well, actually, she’s cute. Her brown long hair with 2 hairclip and her big eyes make her looks cuter.

While I look her appearance, she looked at me.

That make our eyes meet.

I was kinda embarrassing you know.

“Ka…Kazama-kun?” She jumped and looks shocked

“Wuaaaa I…it’s been a while right? Hahaha…ha.” She laughed.

Wait a minute. She know me? Even she know my name? Am I that popular?

“You still remember me?”

Eh? I know her? I don’t know that I have a cute friend like her. Well, actually there’s a cute girl when I was in elementary school. But I haven’t ever talk with her.

“Err…. Sorry…”

She looked disappointed.

“It’s me, Natsumi. Orihime Natsumi! Don’t you remember? We’re at the same elementary school back then. My seat is in front of you! Behind Tanaka-kun!”

Now I’m trying to remember. A girl, elementary, hmmmm….

Eh? Wait! I think I remember.


When I was in elementary school, I got a title “Fuun no kami“, Because whenever I played with my friends back then, I always make them lose. It seems like I really bring a bad luck for every team I join.

But there’s another student who get a weird title too. ”Genkaku Shoujo” because everyone in the class don’t realize her existence even the teacher. She has a short hair and hair bang that cover her eyes, and she wear a weird glasses too like a Student who’s too much study.

But, what I see today is a cute girl with long hair and without any glasses!


“Aaa, you remember me Fuun no kami-kun, Fufu”

Wait, wait, Are you kidding me?

“Are you lying? Where’s that weird glasses?”

“Kazama-kun, you mean. It has been 6 years you know? It IS normal for a people to change, especially a girl, huh” She puffed her cheek.

She looks cuter when she did that.

“Hahaha, sorry my bad. Well, It’s been a while too Natsumi. You’re really changed huh.”

“Hoho” She smirked.

“You’re not changed Kazama-kun. You still short, Hahaha I think we’re at the same height”

“S..shut up, you still shorter than me, huh.”

Well, I’m 160,49 cm, and I’m a male. That’s hurt my pride.

“Haha, you’ve never changed Kazama-kun. Anyway, let’s go in, it’s about 5 minutes left for the opening ceremony.”

So we’re started to run.

Suddenly, Natsumi turn back to me.

“I’m happy we’re at the same school again, Kazama-kun. I hope we can get along.” She bowed & smiled.

“A…um… I hope we can get along too.”

Agh, why you smiled like that. Somehow my heart pounding when she smiled.

I think my highschool life will be fun.


  • Fuun no Kami (不運の神) = Bad Luck God
  • Genkaku Shoujo (原価少女) = Hallucination Girl



The Bad Luck God and The Hallucination Girl



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