Introducing myself

Hey everyone.

I’m matsukaze. Of course  it’s not my real name. That’s my nickname in internet. I’m a newbie in digital music. I use FL Studio as the DAW. Nexus and Hypersonic for the VSTi. And also I use Vocaloid for the voice since I haven’t got a real singer and I have no good voice too.

With my friend, we’re doing some Vocaloid project because we want to be a creator in Vocaloid’s world. Our project is DD Project. Me & Rahesa as the music producer, Habibi as “sometime” song writer, Viqi as the translator and Vasya & JunP as the Illustrator.

I have some producer from Japan that make me really want to be serious in Vocaloid’s world. They’re ryo (supercell), kz (livetune), OneRoom (JimmyThumbP) BuzzG, Headphone Tokyo (tokuP), Hachiouji (8#Prince), KEI (NO LEAF CLOVER) and Jin. They’re really awesome. Every song they made always good in my ear.

Well, I think it’s enough. Sorry for my bad english since it’s not my native language 😀



About matsukaze03

An amateur DTM producer. Use FL Studio as DAW and Use Vocaloid for the Voice. Can play guitar & really want to learn piano. For now, He just randomly click at the piano roll.
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